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Latest News PRAGMA Opens A New Office In Houston TX

PRAGMA is expanding its horizons by opening an office in the Houston, TX area to support its growing clientele. PRAGMA provides up-close and personal technical support to surrounding clients and hand deliver products as needed, especially in the Texas and Southwest region. We also provide instrument training on all PRAGMA NDT equipment to ensure client satisfaction. PRAGMA can also perform application and feasibility studies to aid our clients in their research and development providing quantifiable and quantitative data.

Our new Woodlands TX location assists in expediting the delivery of inventoried equipment and reduces downtime time between repairs or calibrations as needed.

Heading our new office in Texas is Brett Davis. Mr Davis is ASNT Level III and comes to PRAGMA with nine years of experience in the inspection industry. Most recently, he was in the field utilizing advanced methods and techniques of ultrasound and electromagnetics, providing training to new and experienced technicians and consulting with clients to increase production rates and profit margins by employing up-to-date inspection methods and techniques. "I am thrilled to take this new step forward with our new office in Texas. Brett is a great, positive-energy guy, we are sure that he will give our customers excellent service", says François Mainguy, CEO of PRAGMA.


PRAGMA’s mission is to provide the NDT market with portable instruments and systems that are highly performing, yet simple to use and application-driven. "Simple" is the key word. Everyday, our team of passionate engineers and technicians roll-up their sleeves and produce little marvels. Our products and solutions are helping markets such as aerospace, oil and gas, transportation and heavy industries. Why PRAGMA? Because NDT is a pragmatic world, with real applications and problems which require pragmatic solutions. PRAGMA products are very powerful, simple to use, handling multiple modalities and multiple platforms. We feel NDT requires the most up-to-date technology, the most effective products and the most accurate traceability. It's our contribution to make our world safer and our industries more effective.

2015-07-03 07:14:33

Latest News Great Immersion Tank Systems from PRAGMA NDT

PRAGMA NDT is renowned for its PAUT Technology, but I'm sure the fact that they also provide great Immersion Tanks is possibly news to you. Here is a short introduction to what they can offer you as a full immersion system.


All-in-One Phased Array and Immersion Tank System


This unique solution is provided by the close integration of the highly portable PragmaLite instrument platform and Pragma PAUT 16/128 cartridge.  The immersion tank is controlled directly from the PragmaLite, without the need for any additional equipment, e.g. laptop or unnecessary cables.  The system can be used for ultrasound imaging (C-scan, S-scan, B-scan, etc.) of CFRP/GFRP panels, castings, plates, and other large areas.  This system provides a particularly good solution for R&D labs or low-production environments, at a very competitive price.

  • 16 active channels and up to 128 elements
  • 512 focal laws
  • 2 or 3 motorized axis with high-precision encoders
  • Tank sizes available from 600 to 4000 mm (2’ to 12’)


For more information, please contact 

2015-06-25 14:14:28

Latest News JEC 2015 Show Report

The second week in March saw Gath Cheyne and Joe Buckley travel to Paris, France to exhibit at JEC 2015, the largest annual Composites Show in Europe.

Imaginos NDE used the show as an opportunity to showcase the PRAGMA PAUT technology, the QMI Air Coupled UT Inspection System and the Imperium Accoustocam i600 UT Camera.

Gath was on hand to demonstrate both the PRAGMA and Accoustocam systems, while Joe is our dedicated QMI specialist.

The PRAGMA sytem exhibited consisted of the the PRAGMALite Phased Array Ultrasonics unit with the ORTHOMATIC scanner. this allowed attendees to view two of the leading pieces of PAUT technology available currently on the market. 

The Accoustocam i600 is an Ultrasoinc Camera that allows the inspector to NDT an area in a fast and effective way that can then allow further inspections if needed. In some cases the Accoustomcam i600 can be used to fully test an area and on other applications it is used in conjunction with other NDT methods.

Used for composite inspections, including Virgin Galactic, the Accoustocam is making waves in the industry as a credible alternative to conventional inspection methods.

The QMI Air Coupled System is a new addition to the Imaginos NDE portfolio. It is a technology that has a long established history and something that a number of the Imaginos NDE team have worked with before. Therefore it seemed natural to introduce it to the Imaginos portfolio of advanced NDT technology. With Joe Buckley working alongside Imaginos NDE, we can team the fantastic QMI technology with the extensive QMI knowledge of Joe. This has allowed us to approach every potential client with the best team to assist them with their application.

Both Gath and Joe reported that JEC 2015 felt a little quieter than the previous year, but there was a good level of interest in the products displayed across the three day event. With some good potential new clients and meeting plenty of new contacts, although a little quieter, it still appears that JEC 2015 was a fruitful show. With the show moving to the north of France next year, we are hopeful that this will increase the numbers once more. 

2015-03-27 09:13:17

Latest News Join us at JEC 2015

If you are at JEC 2015 this week, please be sure to go and say hi to Gath Cheyne and Joe Buckley who are at the show with some of our composite related equipment.

On our stand you will find the PRAGMA PAUT system along with their Orthomatic Scanner. All PRAGMA products are designed with the end user in mind, combining ease of use with cutting edge technology.

Also on the booth you will find the Imperium Accoustocam i600 UT Camera. Ideal for composites, this allows the user to evaluate if there is an issue in with a composite part without having to remove it. The Accoustocam i600 is ideal for the initial inspection of a part and has just had a procedure finalised by to be used on the Boeing 787.

Finally, we will be showing the QMI Airscan Air Coupled UT system. Allowing the user to inspect a part without the need for couplant, the QMI system is a great alternative option to conventional UT inspection methods.

You can find Gath and Joe in Pavilion 7,3 Booth number J72.

2015-03-12 11:52:20

Latest News New Office in Istanbul, Turkey

We are pleased to announce that we have now opened an Imaginos NDE office in Instabul, Turkey which will be managed by Meric Karaoguz.



2014-12-18 12:59:30


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