PRAGMA NDT is renowned for its PAUT Technology, but I'm sure the fact that they also provide great Immersion Tanks is possibly news to you. Here is a short introduction to what they can offer you as a full immersion system.


All-in-One Phased Array and Immersion Tank System


This unique solution is provided by the close integration of the highly portable PragmaLite instrument platform and Pragma PAUT 16/128 cartridge.  The immersion tank is controlled directly from the PragmaLite, without the need for any additional equipment, e.g. laptop or unnecessary cables.  The system can be used for ultrasound imaging (C-scan, S-scan, B-scan, etc.) of CFRP/GFRP panels, castings, plates, and other large areas.  This system provides a particularly good solution for R&D labs or low-production environments, at a very competitive price.

  • 16 active channels and up to 128 elements
  • 512 focal laws
  • 2 or 3 motorized axis with high-precision encoders
  • Tank sizes available from 600 to 4000 mm (2’ to 12’)


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2015-06-25 14:14:28