The second week in March saw Gath Cheyne and Joe Buckley travel to Paris, France to exhibit at JEC 2015, the largest annual Composites Show in Europe.

Imaginos NDE used the show as an opportunity to showcase the PRAGMA PAUT technology, the QMI Air Coupled UT Inspection System and the Imperium Accoustocam i600 UT Camera.

Gath was on hand to demonstrate both the PRAGMA and Accoustocam systems, while Joe is our dedicated QMI specialist.

The PRAGMA sytem exhibited consisted of the the PRAGMALite Phased Array Ultrasonics unit with the ORTHOMATIC scanner. this allowed attendees to view two of the leading pieces of PAUT technology available currently on the market. 

The Accoustocam i600 is an Ultrasoinc Camera that allows the inspector to NDT an area in a fast and effective way that can then allow further inspections if needed. In some cases the Accoustomcam i600 can be used to fully test an area and on other applications it is used in conjunction with other NDT methods.

Used for composite inspections, including Virgin Galactic, the Accoustocam is making waves in the industry as a credible alternative to conventional inspection methods.

The QMI Air Coupled System is a new addition to the Imaginos NDE portfolio. It is a technology that has a long established history and something that a number of the Imaginos NDE team have worked with before. Therefore it seemed natural to introduce it to the Imaginos portfolio of advanced NDT technology. With Joe Buckley working alongside Imaginos NDE, we can team the fantastic QMI technology with the extensive QMI knowledge of Joe. This has allowed us to approach every potential client with the best team to assist them with their application.

Both Gath and Joe reported that JEC 2015 felt a little quieter than the previous year, but there was a good level of interest in the products displayed across the three day event. With some good potential new clients and meeting plenty of new contacts, although a little quieter, it still appears that JEC 2015 was a fruitful show. With the show moving to the north of France next year, we are hopeful that this will increase the numbers once more. 

2015-03-27 09:13:17