Our European distribution of the PRAGMA NDT equipment has been reported in NDT News. Check it out here: http://www.ndtnews.org/content.asp?PageID=1846


Imaginos NDE is pleased to be able to introduce the PRAGMA NDT range of Ultrasonic (UT) Phased Array equipment to the European NDT market.

The PRAGMA technology has been designed and developed by a highly experienced NDT team under the watchful eye of François Mainguy who NDT professionals may recognise from Harfang, which François previously founded and owned.

PRAGMA specialises in design, manufacturing and retail of portable instruments and systems for non-destructive testing (NDT). PRAGMA’s products are meant for the NDT market in sectors such as Aerospace, Petrochemical, Transport and Heavy Industries. Their goal is to provide the NDT market with portable instruments and systems that perform to a high standard, yet are simple to use and application-driven. 

PRAGMA NDT has come to market with a selection of high specification Ultrasonic Phased Array Equipment including the PRAGMALITE Platform, PAUT 16/128 and ORTHOMATIC 60 Scanner.

The PRAGMA NDT Paut 16/128 is a 16-Channel Phased Array NDT Beam-Former for portable applications; multiplexing over 128 elements, 100 MHz sampling per channel, 16-bit A-scan with many other advanced features.


The square-wave pulsers are running at 180 Volts peak-to-peak and feature a special circuitry to maximize the transfer of piezoelectric energy. Each beam signal (A-scan) can be calibrated with Static Focusing (SPAF), Dynamic Focusing on Reception (DFR), Distance-Amplitude Correction (DAC), Time- Corrected Gain (TCG) and Angle-Corrected Gain (ACG).


The pulsing and data acquisition can be running at fixed PRF or triggered by position with 1 or 2 quadrature encoders. 


The PAUT 16/128 unit can also be used with the PRAGMLITE Platform, which offers the user a modular NDT instrument platform for portable applications. It is ideal for inspection companies, consultants and training schools.


PRAGMALITE allows the user to easily switch between different NDT methods on the same instrument including:


  • UT - Standard flaw detection and C-scanning.
  • TOFD - B-scan imaging with encoder for improved sizing accuracy.
  • PAUT - Linear and Sector scan imaging for improved speed and POD.
  • EMAT - Pulse-Echo, Guided Waves and High-Temperature without the need for couplant.
  • ECT - Surface inspection with multi-frequency and multi-channel solutions for tube, pencil and rotary probes.
2013-10-03 12:44:00