We were pleased to see that our official launch press release was supported by the BINDT and featured in NDT News this week.



The press release was as follows:

Imaginos NDE, a company that will offer the non-destructive testing (NDT) profession advanced NDT equipment and software solutions that push the boundaries of existing conventional NDT methods, has been launched.

Mike Reilly, who is also the CEO of ETher NDE and Baugh & Weedon, founded Imaginos NDE as the perfect place to be able to showcase advanced NDE solutions, while complementing the technologies offered by the existing companies.

Mike said: “Anyone that knows me well understands my passion for the ‘science of NDE’ and my belief that emerging technologies and new techniques can enable better, faster and more reliable inspections. Add to this a number of world-class business partners, highly-knowledgeable and experienced staff and a rock-solid commitment to long-term client support and you have the recipe for Imaginos NDE to deliver unequalled innovation in products and software provision in the advanced NDE applications arena.”

Imaginos NDE markets the products of carefully selected companies across a range of NDT methods. The company can solve ultrasonic (UT) phased array application needs with the innovative Pragma NDT range of ultrasonic instruments and complementary offerings of the well-known industry ESB Beam Tool, specialist scanners from Eclipse Scientific, Inc and ultrasonic cleaning applications with the custom design capability of Buhral UT cleaning sytems.

Imaginos NDE also represents the Microtek radiography (RT) film scanners (MII-800 XL, MII-800 XL Plus and MII-900 Plus) and advanced computed tomography (CT) imaging software from 3DII for 3D imaging.

Imaginos NDE will be adding more exciting cutting-edge products to the portfolio going forward. Its small team of NDE specialists located across Europe, who collectively have a huge wealth of NDT knowledge, are always keeping up with the latest NDT technologies and share Mike’s passion to challenge the boundaries of existing testing methods and continuously work towards a bigger and better NDE market.

2013-07-09 13:22:26