PRAGMA NDT offers a range of Ultrasonic (UT) Phased Array equipment. A spin off of Ungava Technologies, the PRAGMA technology has been designed and developed by an advanced NDT team under the watchful eye of Francois Mainguy.

The PRAGMA NDT equipment is built on one solid mission:

"Provide the NDT Market with portable instruments and systems that are high performant , yet simple to use and application driven"

PRAGMA NDT are driven by making sure that the instrument is built with the application in mind...the application MUST come first.

Therefore the Pragma philosophy is that a good instrument equals features, usability, reliability and extendability all in one package. PRAGMA NDT do not believe that any one element should be missing.

Equipment available from PRAGMA NDT:



The PRAGMALITE Platform offers the user a modular non-destructive testing (NDT) instrument platform for portable applications. The PRAGMALITE platform is ideal for inspection companies, consultants and training schools.


The instrument that houses the PRAGMALITE platform has been designed with every NDT method in mind. Therefore the rugged aluminum frame and the battery operation makes it fully portable and perfectly adapted for harsh environments.


The PRAGMALITE allows the user to easily switch between NDT methods on the same instrument:

UT - Standard flaw detection and C-scanning
TOFD - B-scan imaging with encoder for improved sizing accuracy
PAUT - Linear and Sector scan imaging for improved speed and POD
EMAT - Pulse-Echo, Guided Waves and High-Temperature without the need for couplant
ECT - Surface inspection with multi-frequency and multi-channel solutions for tube, pencil and rotary probes

Easy to Use:

The scroll-wheel, the direct menu buttons, the big fonts and the line help make the interface perhaps the simplest in the industry.

Bright Screen: 

The brilliant screen renders a clear imaging of the inspection, and the tall unusual layout is perfectly suited for B-scan display.

Dowload the PRAGMALITE brochure here.

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