Flange Solution Suite from Eclipse Scientific


Eclipse Scientific has created a complete solution package for the UT inspection of flanges. The combination of the ESFlangeScanner, the ESPipeBeetle and the ESBoltScanner allows the user to inspect all components on Raised Face, RTJ and Grayloc. With the addition of ESBeamTool, ESInspectionBank and specialized training courses, Eclipse can offer the total solution package for flange inspections.

Raised Face Flange

The initial screening of a raised face flange utilizes the FlangeScanner, enabling fast simultaneous scanning of both flange seal faces in the set. If corrosion or erosion is shown, then full evaluation of the raised face and internal bore, from the cone of the suspect flange, may be accomplished using the PipeBeetle. This surface permits a full scan of the raised face with no obstructions.

Ring Type Joint (RTJ) Flange

The Ring Type Joint flange, (RTJ), has a complex internal geometry created by the configuration of the seal ring groove, with or without a raised face. This requires a combination of the FlangeScanner to examine the internal bore and the PipeBeetle to examine the seal face. This combination enables the flange to be completely examined for both initial screening and final evaluation.

Grayloc Flange

The initial screening and final assessment of the Grayloc flange is accomplished using the PipeBeetle. Due to access limitations imposed by the clamp connector of the Grayloc seal, there is no other surface available for examination access. To complete the set of hubs on the Grayloc seal, the PipeBeetle is simply moved to the second hub and the encoder is changed to inverse. This maintains the scanner relationship to product flow. These two scans provide a complete examination of the GrayLoc flange.

Bolt and Weld Inspection

All three flanges have additional components that require regular UT inspections. Bolts, like any other structural component, are susceptible to defects such as corrosion and cracking. The BoltScanner provides clear images of bolt thread condition without removing them from the flange. The PipeBeetle is used to inspect the welds joining the flange to the pipe. Both scanners are encoded, which allows repeatable inspections for monitoring known defects.


BeamTool allows users to easily design and simulate an inspection and generate comprehensive documentation about their inspection plan. The complex geometry experienced when working on Raised Face, RTJ and Grayloc flanges demands that operators have a clear understanding of where the sound is hitting, and BeamTool provides that invaluable side view. The inclusion of introduced targets at selected positions to mimic varied attack mechanisms means that the operator will be able to anticipate signal sources and will also be able to verify time of flight to help analyze and report inspection results.


This inspection management system provides all the tools necessary to plan and complete a successful inspection project. From project planning to data management, InspectionBank keeps complex projects organized and under control. The client/server architecture of the InspectionBank system allows for easy access to your inspection project data anywhere there is an internet connection, whether in your office or in the field. 


Eclipse offers a series of in house training courses that cover everything from basic operation of Eclipse products to advanced scanning procedures and techniques.

Download the Eclipse Scientific Flange Solution Suite Datasheet here. 

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