ESPipeBeetle from Eclipse Scientific

The PipeBeetle is an encoded, non-magnetic scanning platform. This versatile scanner allows the use of a wide variety of different probes to suit many job applications including flange, pipe and nozzle applications. Accurate scans are achieved with a specially designed roller chain that allows the Beetle to easily fasten to any diameter pipe from 3.5" to 24".



Switching between scanning equipment is a tedious process and rarely does one scanner work for multiple applications such as pipe, nozzles and flanges. Flanges are notoriously difficult to scan due to obstructions caused by clamping mechanisms and bolts that hold flange faces together. In addition, areas of the ID, ring joints and seal faces are virtually impossible to scan using conventional UT equipment.

Features and Benefits

The PipeBeetle is capable of finding flaws and corrosion in previously inaccessible areas of the flange by incorporating a fastening system that allows the scanner to navigate clear of typical obstructions on virtually any diameter of pipe. The versatile, rugged and lightweight scanner provides manual encoded scans that are accurate and repeatable for periodic examinations. The design enables technicians to rapidly adapt it to different pipe, nozzle or flange dimensions, inspect, and then quickly move to the next area. In addition, the probe holder is available in one or two probe configurations. The stainless steel roller chain enables the use of the scanner on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials and can handle any pipe size from 3.5" to 24" or the chain can be removed for flat plate scanning.


Eclipse Scientific offers two software solutions for your pipe, nozzle and flange inspection requirements: ESBeamTool allows you to easily design and simulate an inspection and generates comprehensive documentation of your inspection technique, while ESInspectionBank provides effective process management and secure control of scan data, from acquisition to analysis reporting.

Download the Eclipse Scientific ESPipeBeetle Datasheet here. 

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