ESInspectionBank from Eclipse Scientific


InspectionBank implements effective process management & secure control of inspection data from acquisition to analysis reporting. InspectionBank provides a complete suite of NDT inspection software tools enabling online inspection management and also disconnected mobile client, client web portal, and procedure & technique management.

Proven Results

Provide a collaborative, efficient, consistent,  and cost-effective work flow.

  • Establish documentation consistency across many projects and offices in order to be more responsive to clients, and reduce risk
  • Significantly speed up project delivery by reducing communication delays between field activity and remote analysis at the office
  • Improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge when bidding on projects
  • Eliminate the risk of data loss caused by  tracking inspection data with Excel files or external hard drives

Click on the tabs below to learn about InspectionBank's powerful features:

Closer Look

Inspection Life Cycle

InspectionBank supports the entire inspection life cycle, from acquisition through analysis and resolution to reporting.

Component Management

Components are physical items or regions that are inspected during a project. InspectionBank allows you to customize the attributes for various aspects of the component identification to provide greater reporting detail. Component records can even include GPS coordinates and be plotted on a map.  The component summaries empower planning for analysis scheduling. With built-in tools such as Component Catalogue and Component Templates, setting up new components is quick and easy.

Inspection Management

InspectionBank stores all inspection files in a DMS (Document Management System) that controls concurrent access to inspection files.  Easily drag and drop inspection files into InspectionBank. 

Disconnected Mobile Client

Inspection happens in the field... manage it here too.

Technicians working in the field can use the disconnected mobile client on the job site to collect data, and sync back to the master database at their convenience. This allows for instant remote analysis instead of waiting for data to be brought back to the office.

Download the Eclipse Scientific ESInspectionBank Datasheet here. 

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