Integrity management of ageing facilities (e.g. chemical plants, refineries) is becoming an increasingly critical aspect for non-destructive professionals as they battle to keep on top of the increasing volumes of integrity management needed.

This health monitoring carries tremendous importance due to strict health & safety measures as well as cost-effective operational & financial targets. Increased outputs at these facilities are also a contributing factor to the need for safe and cost-effective continuous monitoring of integrity while also reducing operational failures and related injuries. 

Key Benefits
  • 128 Channels.
  • Wide Bandwidth Flexible Probes From 2MHz To 16MHz.
  • Probe Diameter Of 0.3mm To 30mm.
  • Fits On Any Complex Geometry Or Curved Surface.
  • Atex Certified Zone 1 Ex Ii (1)G [Ex Ia Ga]Iic.
  • Wireless With GSM & Zigbee
  • High Precision Using Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms
  • Automatic Calibration – Absolute/True Wall Thickness Readings
  • Custom Designed System
  • Adaptive Parameter Update From Component Condition
  • Automatic Component Replacement Calculation
  • Smart Corrosion Software

 Once the symptoms are successfully  identified, the continuous  examination of the critical locations  suffering from erosion & corrosion is  required in order to estimate the best  & optimum timing for the  replacement of components so that  the losses can be minimized or  completely avoided. 

 At this stage the characteristics of  corrosion at different locations are  still unknown requiring investigation  and long-term analysis of corrosion  behaviour. This is critical for  efficient operation of a refinery or  power plant.

 There are various different methods  with a number of technologies and  companies offering continuous  health monitoring. Unlike traditional  methods and technologies offered, a  Flextrasonics system offers smart  monitoring where the monitoring  parameters are updated in real-time  depending on the symptoms  received. 

Furthermore, the state of the art Flextrasonics sensor technology offers many unique benefits to the client. Not only can these sensors match any complex geometry, but also are inherently capable of producing ranges of frequencies at a constant thickness of piezo, helping with the examination of the different levels of corrosion at the same critical location.

Flextrasonics are capable to produce sensors from 0.3mm diameter to 30mm ranging in a frequency of 2MHz to 16MHz. High precision is achieved using advanced signal processing algorithms in a wide range of temperature from -170°C to 400°C.170°C to 400°C.

Download the Flextrasonics Datasheet here.

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