ESBeamTool from Eclipse Scientific

Successful inspections start with a plan and BeamTool makes it easy to model, validate and document your plan.

BeamTool is like CAD (Computer Aided Design) for the world of ultrasonic inspection. This intuitive application allows users to easily design and simulate an inspection and generate comprehensive documentation about their inspection plan.

Start by describing the piece to be inspected. Pieces can be described in 3 ways. Simple plate pieces are defined by entering the length, width and thickness of the piece. ID/OD pieces are described by entering the OD and the ID or the thickness. The custom piece mode allows the user to use CAD style drawing tools to draft the subject.

Once the piece has been described, position a probe, adjust any beamset parameters to get the best coverage of the area of interest, and visualize beam paths and coverage. Lastly generate a report documenting your new technique. It's that easy!


Phased Array

BeamTool was designed to meet the modern operator's need for speed. Phased array technique development is more complex than that for conventional ultrasonic inspection and as such requires effective tools to help define the inspection approach.

BeamTool's innovative approach to phased array enables linear, sectorial and an informative reference cursor option to be represented, helping to clearly convey weld coverage, HAZ coverage and probe position, in addition to critical dimensions. The beamset parameters dialog displays a visual representation of the transducer elements that are used to form the beamset.

Beam spread visualization allows you to more accurately see your beamset coverage for a specific dB drop, and near field visualization ensures that any focusing being performed is within the near field. True Depth, Projection and Half Path focus types can be visualized in your workspace and documented in your technique report.

Download the Eclipse Scientific ESBeamTool Datasheet here. 

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